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Your dedicated airport taxi!

General Pricing

Meter Rates as of January 1, 2015

Pickups Originating in Davis
Rate1 >

$4 flag drop : $3 per mile : $24 per hour wait time
Van Rate see below ***

Pickups Originating outside Davis
Rate2 >

$4 flag drop : $4 per mile : $24 per hour wait time

Van Pickups >

***Van Cost starts @
$4 flag drop (at start) : $4 per mile : $24 per hr wait time

(Depending upon if pickup is outside of Davis, additional costs may apply. Please ask for clarification in price quote.)

The above meter rates apply to Same-Day Service Requests and apply unless another arrangement has been made via email for a previously scheduled, pre-set, reservation made in advance** of the Date of Travel.

**Please remember all Requests for Advance Reservations are based upon Availability.
Requests for Advance Reservation sent via email, phone or text are not guaranteed to be serviceable until a Confirmation of Service is sent via email, or text.

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