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Established in Davis 2004

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*Airport Flat Rates SMF * OAK * SFO

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$4 Flag Drop.
$3 for each Additional Mile.

*Local Flat Rates are best negotiated directly with a driver before you depart... [More]

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are subject to a
credit card deposit.
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All coupons, discounts, and credits are honored through each Driver's Discretion.

Please Keep In Mind:
Same-Day Changes To Appointments are subject to Re-Scheduling Fees anywhere from $5/SMF - $25/SFO.

The FastTrak Toll Feature
is used for Faster Bay Area Service!


$4 Flag Drop.
$3 for each Additional Mile.
$24 per hour Wait Time.

On call pick ups outside the city limits will be charged starting from Davis.

Reservations made at least 72 hours in advance may not be subject to this charge.

Always ask driver about discounts that may apply.

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